About The Breakout Festival

The Breakout Festival is a wonderful place where you will be able to increase your health and wellness knowledge among other people who think just like you. You may get all your information online, but this is one time when you can get all the information you need about health and wellness in person.

The Schedule

The schedule of The Breakout Festival is one that is filled with clinics and talks that will show you how to do anything you could ever want to do. You will learn how to work out in an efficient way, and you can learn how to make your own healthy food. You get many choices when you attend the conference because you can learn at your own pace. Make sure you come to the keynote speech that will teach you how to manage your diet in a wise way. We are working to have John Barban, the creator of the Venus Factor Weight Loss System. He will be able to explain exactly what is the venus factor!

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The Meeting

The first meeting will be in Seattle, Washington in August of 2014, and it will include a number of different informative speakers. The meeting is a wonderful place for people to meet and gather around the issue of health and wellness. The meeting is also a place that needs corporate sponsors. The organizers of the event are looking for corporate sponsors who will be able to advertise their products and services at the event. This gives more life to the event, and it allows the people attending the event to have many more options when they arrive. Having more corporate sponsors on board will allow people to get as many samples and bits of information that they can stand.

The Line

When you come to The Breakout Festival, you will see that their tag line is something that you can like. Break Out Of Your Daily Grind. You can change your daily grind into something that is going to help you remain healthy all the days of your life. Most people will find that they can change their entire lifestyle at The Breakout Festival, but they must make sure they attend so that they can get the full effect of the conference.

The Breakout Festival runs for three days, and there are well over a hundred talks on different matters from cooking to exercising. Come to The Breakout Festival to make sure that you change your daily grind from something that is not healthy into something that is going to keep you healthy for life.

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